Lindsay Lohan wants to meet Putin, Russian TV host says

Troubled US star Lindsay Lohan has demanded a meeting with President Vladimir Putin in return for appearing on a Russian chat show, its host said, confirming US media reports.

Andrei Malakhov, who hosts the top-rating “Pust Govoryat” or “Let Them Talk” show, told LifeNews Russian website late Sunday that Lohan “really does have a desire to meet the Russian president.”

“I don’t know what she wants to discuss with him — saving Amur tigers or the problems of people with drug addiction,” he said.

US entertainment news site TMZ earlier said that Lohan sent Russian Channel One television a list of demands including a meeting with Putin and photos with him as well as a private jet, a one-year visa and a fee of 500,000 British pounds ($650,000, 580,000 euros).

“The actual fee was a little lower,” Malakhov told LifeNews.

“I also want to earn 80 million a year and have dinner with the Queen, but dreams and reality are different things. You need to look at the situation soberly — unlike Lindsay Lohan,” Malakhov was quoted as saying.

He posted a link to the LifeNews report on his official Twitter account, along with a message calling Lohan a “naughty girl.”

A spokeswoman for Channel One earlier on Sunday confirmed to RIA Novosti news agency that Lohan had been asked to appear on the show, but said the conditions had not yet been discussed and the TMZ report “did not correspond to reality.”

Lohan, a 30-year-old former child star who appeared in hit films “The Parent Trap,” “Freaky Friday” and “Mean Girls” has struggled with drug addiction.

Russian television wants to interview her about her relationship with Russian-born Egor Tarabasov, whose father is reportedly a businessman from Moscow. Lohan has accused Tarabasov of violent abuse.

Putin in 2010 met Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio at a summit on protecting tigers but has failed to set a date for a meeting with British singer Elton John to discuss gay rights.

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