PM Inaugurates Launching Of Pak Navy Fleet Tanker

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has said we want to make Pakistan democratically and economically strong nation and there will be no compromise on our Defence Strategy. Speaking as chief guest at the launching ceremony of state-of-the-art 17,000 tones fleet tanker at Karachi shipyard and engineering works the Prime Minister said every possible effort will be made to strengthen maritime security He said the government is perusing policy of strategic partnership with other countries. The prime minister said this initiative will certainly open more opportunities of collaboration between Pakistan and Turkey in the field of indigenous warship construction in particular and other Defence sector products in general. The project will further strengthen cooperation between Pakistan and turkey. It is an example of Pakistan-Turkey cooperation and Pakistan’s self-reliance in defense. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif appreciated the Karachi shipyard, Pakistan Navy and Ministry of Defence production for launching the ship two months ahead of schedule. Later, the prime minister inaugurated launch of this 17,000- ton fleet tanker which has been built by the Turk shipping firm STM in Karachi ship yard and its engineering staff. This ship can stay in the seas without any foreign assistance for three months. This war ship tanker is to supply solid and liquefied gas to other ships in the sea and could assist combat missions with the help of the helicopters. This ship is equipped with most modern technical facilities and could offer emergency technical and medical help to the seaborne personnel.

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