Mqm: Hunger strike till death

Muttahida Qaumi Movement has initiated an indefinite hunger strike until death against Law Enforcement authorities under the garb of Karachi operation.

MQM’s accused that Rangers randomly arrested their workers, tortured and charged them with cooked up cases. According to MQM more than 5500 party leaders and workers have been arrested out of which 1200 are facing trial of the cases, while the rest were let go after 90 days detention and severe torture.

“There are 62 workers who were extra-judicially killed under custody and 134 still missing since the operation started in 2013” party statement said.

The hunger strike camp is attended by members of Rabta Committee, CEC, Parliamentarians and along with a large number of workers.

MQM said that party has been raising its concerns against the injustices committed on its members at the Senate, National and provincial assemblies which had mainly been legal, constitutional and pertaining to human rights violations.

“Federal Government had committed to form a Grievance Redressal Committee which was to address the concerns arising from the operation in Karachi which has become controversial” MQM said in press release issued on its website.

Muttahida Qaumi Movement said that as neither the Federal or the Provincial Government and the judiciary have addressed the issue, MQM has decided to hold an indefinite hunger strike as the first phase of protests as per the demand of MQM’s mandate. MQM is exploring additional peaceful means of protest which shall be in place soonest.

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