COAS Confirms Death Sentences Of 11 TTP Terrorists.

rmy Chief General Raheel Sharif has confirmed death sentences awarded to 11 hardcore terrorists of banned Tehreek e Taliban, who were involved in committing heinous offences related to terrorism. Their crimes included killing of dig Fayyaz Sumbal and Asi Raza Khan of Balochistan police and Inspector Kamran Nazir of ISI in Quetta. An ISPR statement said these terrorist also include those who were involved in sectarian killings, kidnapping and slaughtering of civilians and personnel of frontier constabulary and killing of major Abdid Majeed of Pakistan Army. They planned and executed a number of attacks on law enforcement agencies and armed forces of Pakistan. They were also involved in destruction of schools and communication infrastructure. These convicts were tried by military courts. The terrorists, all belong to TTP, include Zia ul Haq s/o Wali Khan, Fazal e Rabbi s/o Fazal Ghafoor, Muhammad Sher s/o Zaray, Umer Zada s/o Gul Rehman, Latif ur Rehman s/o Saif ur Rehman, Muhammad Adil s/o Muhammad Akbar Jan, Israr Ahmed s/o Abdul Rahim Jan, Abdul Majeed s/o Khona Moula, Hazrat Ali s/o Fazal Rabi, Mian Said Azam s/o Mian Said Jaffar and Qaiser Khan s/o Habib Khan.

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