Sale of newborns, Peshawar Gang story took new turn


On 12 august news of Peshawar gang hit national and international media by storm. A gang of lady doctors and nurses were involved in kidnapping and then selling off newborn babies were busted on Friday.
Police told that “several staff nurses and lady doctors at different maternity homes are among the gang members involved in the business of selling babies”.
These people were selling a baby for Rs 300,000 (3000$) to the couples who have fertility problems.
The gang was allegedly led by a woman police officer identified as Wajiha Yasmin. The gang has seven women arrested were employed as health workers at different hospitals and clinics in the northwestern city of Peshawar, and would alert members of the gang to the birth of babies.
After investigation case has took a new turn as police now claims that 9 cases of kidnapping of news babies are under investigations and till now 2 couples who are contacted has given statement that these they sold newborns to gang with will.
Under new proofs now police claims that this illegal sale purchase on newborns may be on will, but they are looking every detail of it. Stil lit is a crime and all person involved will face the charges in court.

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