Fight of fitness, Pakistan politician Push-Ups challenge

Sindh’s Sports Minister Sardar Muhammad Bux Khan Mahar has been in news for his stylish dressing, on Sunday he led a cycle rally in connection with the Independence Day in Karachi.

Now on Monday, he came up with a new challenge. This time to his opponents are same, bitter rivals in Punjab and Federal ruling political party PMLN. He has given them a “Push Up challenge”. Muhammad Bux posted a video doing push-ups. He displayed impressive form and 50.


He has called Punjab ministers to come up and show there power. Bitter rivals in Punjab came up at once, as Abid Sher ali, Minister of State for Water & Power, President PML(N) Youth Wing Punjab showed his skill in gym by posting his video.

On the other hand many other political figures are coming up with their own videos of workout. It seems a news race of fitness has stormed Pakistan. It’s a rare sight where Pakistan politicians are coming up with new place of fight, not streets but gym.


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