Syria Crisis: Russian Bombers Strike IS Targets

Syrian and Russian warplanes have launched a wave of air strikes in northern Syria, killing dozens in areas held by a rebel alliance battling to take control of second city Aleppo. Russian defense ministry said that six of its ТU-22m3 bombers based in Russia carried our air strikes in Syria. The defense ministry released video which showed jets in the air and dropping bombs. The ministry said Islamic State positions near the city of Deir Ez-zor were attacked and two control points, six ammunition warehouses, 13 military vehicles were destroyed and a number of militants killed. A monitoring group said the strikes, which began on Saturday and were continuing today, killed at least 45 civilians in Aleppo and west of the city and 22 more in neighboring Idlib province. Nine other civilians were killed in rebel shelling of regime-held western Aleppo on Saturday.

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