Sindh Minister new sport minister

Sindh’s new Sports Minister Sardar Muhammad Bux Khan Mahar, dressed up in pant-shirt celebrate independence day in his own style.
Young minister dresses up in pan and short gained media spotlight for his stylish dressing, led a cycle rally in connection with the Independence Day in Karachi.

sports minister 2
He has been in news since taken new sports minister oath and overshadows all his fellow ministers with his youth, stylish, apparels and extravagance.

sports minister
We don’t know too many things about his knowledge of sports and skills as a high-up government official yet, but people are surely talking about style statements he’s been making.
Well-dressed Sardar Mahar or ‘chief’, as he lovingly calls himself, doesn’t shy away from posting selfies and pictures of his hairstyles and cars on social media.
His dazzling posts on Facebook do not go by without catching everyone’s attention.


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