Phelps Wins 200m Individual Medley For 22nd Gold

Michael Phelps of the United States won the Olympic 200 meters individual medley on Thursday to capture the 22nd gold medal of his career and become the first swimmer to win the same event at four consecutive games. Japan’s Kosuke Hagino won silver and Wang shun of china took Bronze, both moving dramatically through the field on the final length after turning in fifth and seventh place. It was yet another extraordinary swim for 31 years old Phelps, who has now won two individual and two relay Golds at his fifth Olympics, two years after coming out of retirement. His total medal haul has now risen to 26, including two Silvers and two Bronzes, with the 100 meters butterfly still to come. Phelps’ four consecutive Golds in the same event are unique for a swimmer, and place him in the same Olympic pantheon as al Oerter in the discus and Carl Lewis in the long jump. Earlier in the pool, compatriot Ryan Murphy completed a backstroke double and extended a U.S. Winning streak, adding the Olympic men’s 200 meters gold to the 100 title he won earlier in the week. The U.S. Men have now won the event for six successive Olympics dating back to Atlanta in 1996. World champion Mitch Larkin took the silver medal while Russian Evgeny Rylov Clinched Bronze. Murphy Touch out in one minute, 53.62 seconds — the fastest time of the year. Britain won the men’s track cycling team sprint gold for the third consecutive Olympics after defeating New Zealand, with Callum skinner anchoring them to victory in the first event of the track Programme. Skinner, Jason Kenny and Philip Hindes set the third Olympic record of the day to beat the world champions by the narrowest of margins. Britain clocked 42.440 for the three laps of the 250 meter circuit, 0.102 seconds quicker than New Zealand who were bidding for their first Olympic gold in the discipline. Barbara Engleder of Germany won gold in the women’s 50 meter rifle. This is her first medal in four Olympic Games. Zhang Binbin took the silver and 2008 Olympic champion Du Li the Bronze.

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