Muskan Granted Smile and Love

Lahore: Parents of 18 years old Muskan filled petition that her daughter was kidnapped by her husband. Girl recently left home to marry her boyfriend.


In court girl rejected parent plea and told court that “she is not kidnapped by anyone and left home for love. She married according her love and now living with him happily. Parent were forcing him to give wrong statement.”

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Court rejected parent plea and order in favor of Muskan. As soon court proceeding ended today, female relatives of Muskan got engaged in a verbal altercation, trading abuses. The quarrel soon turned physical as the women brawl and tried to take custody of Muskan.

Women relative were shouting that “come with us”, Police interfered and let Muskan free to live her life freely.

The women had to be separated by security personnel present on the court premises. Recently, LHC, chief justice taken notice of such incidents, directing security to ensure protection of litigants.

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