Involvement Of Foreign Hand In Quetta Attack Can’t Be Ruled Out.

Foreign Office Spokesman has said involvement of foreign hand in the Quetta terrorist attack cannot be ruled out. In his weekly news briefing in Islamabad Nafees Zakarya said India has been involved in creating unrest in Pakistan. He rejected Indian claims of cross border infiltration and said that Pakistan will never allow its soil to be used for subversive activities. He said Pakistan is deeply concerned over Indian atrocities in Occupied Kashmir. Nafees Zajkaria said international community has taken notice of Indian forces’ atrocities against innocent civilians. He said us state department, china, turkey, amnesty international and human rights watch including international media have taken notice of Indian atrocities in Occupied valley. He further added that Pakistan has raised the issue of atrocities in Indian Occupied Kashmir on every platform and Prime Minister Nawaz Shairf while announcing unequivocal support for Kashmiris living under Indian Occupation, has called for medical assistance to the victims of the Indian violence. He reiterated Pakistan’s commitment for stable Afghanistan and said Pakistan aspires to have better relations with all its neighbors, especially Afghanistan. He said hostile statements by afghan leadership only serve the purpose of those who want to destabilize Afghanistan. On the issue of helicopter crew which crashed in Afghanistan and were taken hostage by Taliban, Nafees Zakaria said the helicopter had flight clearance from afghan authorities. He added that flight crew is safe and their release will be secured. On the issue of stranded Pakistanis in Saudi Arabia, Foreign Office spokesman said Pakistani mission is constantly in touch with them. He said, on the directives of the prime minister, not only financial help is being provided but food is also being given to the stranded Pakistanis.

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