Street Justice and Madness in Multan over kidnapping row

“Kidnappers, catch them, we do not need police, just kill them”, these are the slogans which residents of Multan listen today as their fellow men caught three alleged kidnappers including one woman.

mul 5


Residents of Farooq Pura chowk of Old Shujaabad road tortured all three suspects and when police arrived they were not ready to hand over the alleged kidnappers.

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They attacked police van, demand for Military or Rangers to come so they hand over the alleged kidnappers. Due to ill reputation of Pakistan police people started to fear that they might involve with criminals. This drama continued for hours and at the police declared suspects as victims of kidnapping.

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“Nasir-ud-din, Nisar Ahmad and Sanubar Mai are residents of Talagang and they came here in search of their child” Muhammad Faizan Ali Raza, Spokesman of Multan Police told media persons.

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The victims of kidnapping and street justice said that the case of their child’s kidnapping is registered in Police station Talagang and someone told them that he saw him in Multan, but the angry mob of Multan has a different story.

“If they are in search of their child then why one of them was wearing Burka (viel), they are kidnappers, police are protecting them” said an angry protestor shouting slogans.

Kidnappings increased alarmingly in Pakistani province of Punjab but police and provincial government in state of denial, if this situation continues, no one can stop street justice and there will be no justice at all.

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