Lover caught trying to enter madrassa wearing burka

Ferozwala is a small town in the Punjab province of Pakistan. The town is tehsil headquarters of Ferozwala Tehsil and is located near the city of Lahore.

The town often came in news for all the wrong reasons. Last time a senior al Qaeda commander for Punjab was among the four militants killed in Ferozewala.

Ferozwala is not just about terrorism and madrassa’s, it has other side as well. On Wednesday a young man named Kamran, with his partner was captured in madrassa trying to meet a girl wearing a burqa, viel.


The unusual look in a high profile girl’s madrassa caught everyone attention and he was grabbed at gate. Boy insisted that girl studying in madrassa is in love with him and both wanted to get married. He told security that both are in love but they had fight last night on phone and he came here to apologize.

His all request went in vein as the security treated him terribly inside camps. He was beaten and then his hairs were cut off.


Sources told that girl was also asked to come forward to give view. She not only denied any relationship with him but also told security that the boy was teasing her from many days. She said “I never told anyone about his actions, as I know if my parent knows about this they would ask me to stop education and remain home.”

It was also witnessed that boy desperately begging the girl accept his love but she turned deaf ear to his all requests.


Afterwards as shown in pictures he was beaten, the boy cried the he is telling the truth but the security didn’t care and took him to private chamber were media was invited to cover event.

The boy was eventually released after his elders were asked to come in madrassa and give written statement that he will not do such acts again, and if seen again near madrassa premises, than he will be responsible for his own acts.

The boy horror ended after 4 hours as he was forced to walk in market with his new bald look, so the people know what he had done. In video loud voice of a women can be heard telling the boy to study instead of doing such acts. Another man is saying, “burn them”. Detail about girl was not shared by local madrassa.

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