Won’t Apologise For Pro-Pakistan Comments

Actor-Politician Ramya, accused of “Sedition” over her comments praising Pakistan after a recent visit, said today that she would not apologize and felt it important “not to succumb” to her critics. The 33-year-old Kannada Film Star, a former Lawmaker of Karnataka’s ruling Congress, has been attacked on social media and has also been taken to court by a lawyer who has filed a “Sedition Case” in Southern Karnataka Ramya, after visiting Islamabad as part of a SAARC delegation of Young Lawmakers, had said: “Pakistan is not hell. People there are just like us. They treated us very well.” The actor, whose real name is Divya Spandana, told NDTV “I will not Apologise as I have done nothing wrong. I am entitled to my views and that is what democracy is about, She said that Sedition Laws are misused against “anybody and everybody”.

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