What’s common between Jacqueline and Alia?

Actress’ Jacqueline Fernandez and Alia Bhatt are riding high on success by delivering two back to back hits.

The Bollywood beauties have emerged to be the only two actress’ to have delivered back to back hits.
Jacqueline Fernandez
Rising high from competition, the Tinsel town diva’s have proved their mettle and have treated their audiences with 2 Hit films this years.

With the year having seen selective hits at the Box Office, Jacqueline and Alia have been reigning not only the Box Office but also the audiences heart in 2016!

alia bhat
Jacqueline, who rose to fame with the movie Kick is currently enjoying the response she is getting for her performance in 2016’s big ticket hits Housefull 3 and Dishoom. The actress has been a part of 2 out of the 5 Top grosser Film’s at the Box Office.

Whereas, Alia Bhatt has been part of hit movies like Udta Punjab & Kapoor and Sons which has garnered a good business at the box office. The actress surprised all by delivering a very unconventional role in the movie Udta Punjab.

In addition to being an onscreen delight, these young actress’ have also got the audience grooving to her Hit songs from their respective films.

Viewing the Box Office standing and their success spree, both Jacqueline and Alia are named amongst the most desired leading ladies in the industry.

jequlin fernends
Jacqueline Fernandez is currently gearing up for her upcoming next, A Flying Jatt opposite Tiger Shroff. The actress is also juggling the shooting schedule of her next year release, a sequel to the action flick Bang Bang, opposite Sidharth Malhotra, While Alia Bhatt is gearing up for Karan Johar’s Shuddhi and Badrinath ki Dulhaniya opposite Varun Dhawan, further to Dear Zindagi alongside Shahrukh Khan.

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